The Ladies of Team 5

So I got to share a little bit about the men on my team… now it is time for the ladies of Team 5

Jacky (purple shirt):  Jacky is my co-leader for the year. She is 26 years old from Canada. She actually grew up in India but moved to Canada when she was 13. Jacky is a lot of fun and we balance eachother really well. This is Jacky’s first time in the US, so she is still getting use to our culture. She thinks things are more expensive here than back in Canada…. I would have thought the opposite!

Anna (Far left in picture): Anna is from Fairbault, MN (prnounced Fair-bow) She is 21 years old and took a year off school to serve with NET. She attended St. Thomas University in St. Paul before coming to NET. Anna and her sister are actually adopted but we got to meet her mom and I think she looks exactly like her mom…kinda weird. Anna is a boxer and played goalie for an ice hockey team… none of the guys on our team dare to mess with her haha. Anna’s family owns a coffee shop in Fairbault and when our team did a practice retreat for her parish, we got to go get coffee afterwards!

Alonna (flower in hair): Alonna is from Michigan and is 18 years old. She loves flowers and usually wears one in her hair. Alonna is really good at giving talks and grew up living with her grandparents. Her grandparents live on a farm in Michigan, so she loves horses and being in farmland areas.

Sarah (short, green vest): Sarah is from Buffalo, MN and is 18 years old. Sarah use to work at McDonald’s so I told her during training that everytime I would see a McDonald’s on the road I would think of her… but she ended up on my team, so now I don’t have to think of her because I see her all the time! Sarah is very reverant and has a great peace about her.

Kendra (in all black): Kendra is 25 years old and is from New York. She was a 4th grade teacher for 2 years before coming on NET. Kendra loves teaching and is very close to her family. She just found out that she is going to be an Aunt as well. Kendra is one of our van drivers too!

Ruthie (White skirt): Ruthie is 19 years old from St. Paul, MN. This is her 2nd year to do NET and her experience has been a huge blessing for our team. All the guys on our team got to stay with Ruthie’s family for 2 weeks of training, so it was great to know where she is coming from. Ruthie is a great leader for our team and is our drama leader for the year. She is very organized and on top of things.

Tanya (Far right): Tanya is the female supervisor for our team. She is 24 years old and is from Louisiana. She did NET for 2 years and is now on staff. Tanya was a business mgmt major in school and hopes to go back to school to get an MBA. She is a great gift for our team!

So those are the women of Team 5. They are all very different, but gel really well together. I am excited to get to know them even more throughout the year. They will keep us men on our toes 🙂

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1 Response to The Ladies of Team 5

  1. Katie & Gramma says:

    Just celebrating Sarah’s Homecoming Queen victory and talking about how much we miss you! Don and Mary are knocking themselves out with great food and fun! “EXERCISE!” ~Aunt Mary. We love you and are all praying for you and your team. Love, Katie, Grandma, Ken, Mom, Dad, Uncle Pat, Uncle Don, Aunt Mary, Sarah, & Aaron!

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