The Men of Team 5

Below is a small glimpse of the amazing men that I will be journeying with this year:

Bobby (red shorts in picture below): Bobby is 24 and is from Philedelphia. He was teaching at a pre-school before coming on NET and helping with a youth group. He played soccer and baseball at a small college in Phili. He is our “van man” and in charge of directing our funny skits on retreat also called after meal entertainment. Bobby is the humor of our team.

Kieran (right under me in pict): Kieran is 18 years old and is from Redding, England. This is his first time in the US and his older brother, Dan, is also serving with NET this year. Kieran is in charge of Set-Up for our retreats and is also my workout buddy for this year (Monday, Weds, Friday…. is our jogging plan… we will see if we keep it up) Kieran is very insightful and his british accent is a huge hit with the high school girls on our retreats…. sometimes we have to be his body guards.

Dan (on top of the pile): Dan is 18 years old and is from Buffalo, MN. He loves hunting and is really laid back. He loves mountain dew and buffalo wild wings. Dan is the trailer packer for our team… which is a very important job so that we can be super efficient on the road.

Gavin (The very bottom of the pile): Gavin is 19 years old and is from New Jersey. He is full of energy and loves keeping us on our toes. Gavin is the music leader for our team and has been sharing his musical talents with us everyday. Gavin always speaks very quickly since he is from New Jersey and so we get to joke with him about his quick tounge.

So those are short bios of the men on my team, they have been a huge blessing for me and our team. We all get along great and have similar interests. We love playing sports, watching Band of Brothers, and lifting eachother up in prayer. I can’t wait to see where God leads us throughout the next 9 months as we grow as sons of God and brothers in Christ.

My next post will give short bios of the women on our team…. stay tuned! We have one week left of training and then on Saturday we will be heading out on the road! We are all excited and can’t wait! Until next time…. peace!

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